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Hanno av Thorarinn Best in Breed Finland

Congratulation to Owner Päivi Pulkkinen

(Hugh - Ugana)


Hanno av Thorarinn Best in breed JUNIOR and

BIR Baltic Junior Winner 2018



Congratulation show today.Norway & Finland

Hector av Thorarinn NR 2 in junior class his first show Norway

Congratulation to owner ! Mette H

Judge Liv Evjen



Hanno av Thorarinn  BIG 4


Result SSM 2018 - Congratulations to all.

Sweden Siegerin 18-24 months Gaya av Thorarinn

Gaius av Thorarinn 18-24 months was call out NR2 !

(But the shit problem and heat)finished SG 5

Congratulations  Nina Røstad & Else Irene Langedal

Father yogi vom funken spiel  - Mother Ugana av Thorarinn



Dirty Harry av Thorarinn have now AD (UHP) Judge Arvid Strømsvik

Congratulations to owner



Hanno av Thorarinn today Russian Junior Champion and Best of Breed !  (Hugh - Ugana)

Congratulation to Päivi Pulkkinen


Hanno av Thorarinn

Hugh vom Eichenplatz x Ugana av Thorarinn


Male born 30.4.2017 in Norway

16 x BOB-puppy: 5 x Finland, 6 x Romania, 4 x Estonia, 1 x Latvia

Estonian Junior champion

Lithuanian Junior champion

Latvian Junior champion

Baltic Junior champion

Belarus Junior champion

Lithuanian Junior Winner -18

Tallinn Junior Winner -18

Tallinn Winter Cup Winner -18

Tallinn Winter Cup Junior Winner -18


1.5.2018 CERT Best in breed


3 x cert Estonia

4 x cert Lithuania

1 x cert Latvia

1 x cert Belarus

1 x cert Finland


Vv4, Vv6, Vv4 Estonia

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