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August 2022

Extra vom funken spiel is mated with untox aus der Brunnenstraße

Sweden Siegershow Vice sieger Macho av Thorarinn,  Judge Patrik Blomqvist

Sweden Siegershow VV6 Judge Micha av Thorarinn, Larsa Nielsen


Ny parring Quanda vom Zidena er parret med team Cayira Odd.

New mating done.


Nordisk & Norway Siegershow 2022

Vice Siegerin 9-12 months Micha av Thorarinn

(20 dogs) judge Leif belgen

Vice sieger 9-12 months Macho av Thorarinn 

standing nr 2 because littel loose front (15 dogs)

More results to come!


Show in Bergen 18/19  June, 2 days German show Judge Jochen Prall & Svein Vagle VV1 Macho av Thorarinn 2x VV1 Micha av Thorarinn


Show Hedmark 

Gaya av Thorarinn SG1

Congratulations to Per and Nina RØstad.

Mach av Thorarinn VV1



New mating in des 2022 (planlagt parring i des 2022)

Puppy’s born Gblue 5 males & 3 females.



Utsyr/Equipment sales page added. See HERE


Staffordshire Bull Terrier litter will be born this year Sept/Okt. See HERE



GBlue av Thorarin now has ipo and kkl and was mated on 25.07.21

to Sastor vom Hühnegrab.



Norway siegershow result 2021

Sieger working class V1 Dirty Harry av Thorarinn

Also progeny group


SG 3 open class Gaya av Thorarinn

Also nr 5 in obedience Norway sieger







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nor ss 2021
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